About Us


Where are we going?

To grow our faith influence to our neighbors one individual and family at a time.


How to get there? 

A body of believers with over 65 mission/service opportunities that seeks to minister to the body, mind and spirit in the Lake Region and beyond..


Who Are We?

A dynamic faith family of believers that love one another and work in unison to minister God’s love to a hurting , lost and dying world.




A very special THANK YOU to the pastors who have served KEYSTONE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH and helped it grow into becoming the church it is today by serving Jesus Christ through ministry in the community of Keystone Heights.

Rev. Dave Landers       1979 - 1988

Rev. Richard Albury     1988 - 1989

Rev. John Barhan         1989 - 1994

Rev. Delbert King         1994 - 1996

Rev. Jerry Johnson       1996 - 1998

Rev. Jamie Westlake     1998 - 2003

Rev. Jeff Kantz               2003 - 2005

Rev. Donald Corbit        2005 - 2011

Rev. Nick Godun           2011 - 2011 (July, Aug, Sept, Oct)

Dr. Tom Farmer, Jr.       2011 - 2012  (Interium)

Dr. Craig Moore             2012 -  2016

Rev. Jeff Tate               2016




For our first Sunday Service, March 18, 1979. we met at the Masonic Hall.  Dr. Harold Buell, who was our Gainesville District Superintendent, led the worship service  with approximately 75 people in attendance.  By May of 1979, a parsonage was selected and purchased for our first pastor.  They moved in June of 1979. 

On May 20th of 1979, Keystone United Church was chartered with sixty-three members.

Our church organized The Wednesday Lenten Luncheon which was opened to the entire community of interested people on the 3rd of March, 1981.  We had just moved into our new church building.  Rev. Dennis White of Melrose United Methodist Church was invited to be a guest speaker.  It was the first sermon given in our new church building which is now known as our Fellowship Hall.

The idea for LAM (Lake Area Ministries) was formed by our church during Dave Lander's ministry.  Joan Vaughn was the church secretary.  She and Dave saw a need for this ministry and brought it to the attention of an alliance of community ministers. 

By 1988, almost ten years later from our founding days of forming KUMC, we had outgrown our church building.  A new Sanctuary was built to hold 350 people.  It is the same Sanctuary we worship in today.  By 2002, the Multi Ministry Center was built and completed.